Now you’re talking! Getting more comfortable asking questions, responding, explaining, giving your opinion, etc. are all part of this level. You're able to hold conversations in almost any field and improve your vocabulary a lot in a natural way. The format of this level is: preparing a pre-specified text at home, you will have it too in your textbook, with the help of the same text in the online practice system of the Academy with clarifying pop ups ánd the audio. Realize language is flow= music ! And even the handling and feeling comfortable with grammar concepts is based on feeling the flow of the language. With the Academy you will have entry to all the exercises of the previous levels to fill in gaps in your knowledge with regard to previously treated concepts. Conversation: level 3: A course on level B1 CEFR A2 

Note: the course is every time a series of 10 lessons of each 1.5 hour, given once a week and given in each of the four lesson rounds in a teaching year. In each series of lessons we work new text materials. So you will explore new vocabulary and will have conversations about new subjects. The grammar covered is in each series largely the same. Doing this course 2 (or 3 times), is more or less the rule given the limited number of hours per course.